The spiritual realm is full of angels and they have long played a key role in heaven and in the affairs of men. They have a variety of jobs and serve in just about as many ways as you can imagine. Angels comfort, heal, protect, guard and warn us of danger. There are angels of love and light, wisdom and illumination, compassion and kindness, peace and joy, mercy and justice, and angels that give us guidance and strength. There are even Christmas angels, choirs of angels, and the angels of the seven rays.

Angels are messengers of light and have great virtue. They make wonderful friends and when you cultivate a relationship with them you quickly come to understand why so many people see them as blessings and gifts from God.

The angels are just waiting for you to call to them and invite them into your world. If you or a loved one needs healing, call to the angels. Do you need help finding a job? Call to the angels. Need inspiration? Call to the angels. No job is to big or to small for them to handle. You can ask the angels to do things for you as long as your requests are lawful. They respect the law of free will. Whenever you send the angels on an assignment qualify your prayer with, “And let God’s will be done.” That way the angels are free to perform what is best in any given situation. Angels can also take embodiment. They are always helping people and are commonly found in jobs of service.