The Ascended Masters (1)

Looking up into the night sky we realize how big the universe is and how little we understand it. Cosmos is full of life and complexity. Mystics speak of spiritual encounters with heavenly beings and those who have had near death experiences give accounts of traveling to beautiful crystal cities, visiting magnificent halls of knowledge and having life reviews attended by great beings of light. Millions of people believe in the angels and saints and daily send their Saint Germain prayers to them.

Clearly we are not alone.

Who are the Ascended Masters? Today we know a considerable amount about them. For the past one hundred years the Ascended Masters have been weaving the golden threads of illumination and wisdom through their messengers to lay the foundation for the Aquarian Age. This is part of the job of a messenger. They receive special training to be the spokesperson for hierarchy and from them we gain a better understanding about the role of the Ascended Masters in the evolution of the planet and ourselves.