The Inner Altar

The heart is very mystical. Concealed within the twelve-petaled heart chakra is another sacred center called the eight-petaled chakra. This chakra is a focus for the eighth ray and your link to God and your God Self (I AM Presence). Some people call this chakra sacred space, their inner altar, the garden of the heart, or their inner cave. The masters call it the secret chamber of the heart. The eighth ray chakra is the doorway to your spiritual self. This is where you hear the inner voice of guidance. Most of us have experienced this space during those quiet contemplative moments in our lives. Another way to relate to this chakra is to think of it as the sacred space in your heart where you go to pray and talk with God. This is also where you commune with your Higher Self and the Ascended Masters to receive nurturing, guidance and healing. When the light shines from your heart this is where it is coming from.

Burning on the altar of the heart is a sacred flame called the threefold flame that is the heart of God beating in your own heart. It is known as the flame of the Christ and represents the divine attributes of power, wisdom and love. As you balance this flame you come closer into alignment with your Higher Self. Permanently bonding with the Higher Self happens in stages. As we have seen it involves a great deal of personal healing, balancing karma, and balancing the energies of the sacred flame within the heart. We have to align and attune with our Higher Self and raise our consciousness to the level of the Christ consciousness. The Ascended Masters path of initiation provides us with a way to do this plus heal and liberate our soul, master our energies, balance our karma, fulfill our unique calling in life, and become one with our Holy Christ Self.

Next we will look at the importance of prayer.