Chart of the Masters

Chohan Chakra Color Ray Qualities Misuses Archangels
El Morya Throat Blue First Power, Good Will, Faith, Protection Controlling, condemnation, idle chatter, gossip, human willfulness, cowardice, slander, lying or speaking half-truths, cursing, yelling Michael and Faith
Lord Lanto Crown Yellow Second Wisdom, Enlightenment Pride, Ignorance, Narrow-mindedness, Misunderstanding Jophiel and Christine
Paul the Venetian Heart Pink Third Love and Compassion Hatred, dislike, selfishness, self-pity, human sympathy, negligence Chamuel and Charity
Serapis Bey Base-of-the-spine White Fourth Purity, Discipline, Joy Discouragement, Disorder, Impurity, Chaos Gabriel and Hope
Hilarion Third Eye Green Fifth Vision, Truth, Healing, Science, Insight Lack of vision and clarity, mental criticism, inconstancy, spiritually needy Raphael and Mary
Ascended Lady Master Nada Solar Plexus Purple and gold Sixth Service, Peace Anger, agitation, fanaticism, aggression, egoism, overindulgence, passivity Uriel and Aurora
Saint Germain Seat-of-the-soul Violet Seventh Freedom, Forgiveness, Transmutation, Justice Non-forgiveness, Intolerance, Cruelty Zadkiel and Holy Amethyst
Maha Chohan Secret Chamber of the Heart peach (golden pink) Eighth integration, bliss, self-knowledge, gnosis, integration and mastery of the seven rays, established figure-eight flow no figure-eight flow, imbalance of the threefold flame Uzziel and Archeia (name unknown)