Sanat Kumara

A young seeker sets off on a quest to find Shambhala and after a long and difficult journey across the Himalayas arrives at the cave of an old hermit. "Where are you going?" the hermit asked. "To find Shambhala," replied the youth. "Ah! Well, you need not travel far," said the hermit. "For the kingdom of Shambhala is in your heart."
- Old Tibetan Legend

The following is a true story about a dark period in the history of the planet. It is about an Ascended Master named Sanat Kumara and 144,000 lightbearers.

Sanat Kumara, also known as the Ancient of Days, is the Hierarch of Venus. Long ago, around the time of the caveman, Sanat Kumara came to the earth to keep the flame of life (the threefold flame) for everyone on the planet. This was during the earth’s darkest days when the consciousness of the people had fallen to an all time low and no one honored God or the inner flame of the heart. It was such a dark time that a council of the Cosmic Hierarchy convened to discuss what could be done. Sanat Kumara convinced the council to let him come saying he would keep the flame of the heart on behalf of the people until at least some started doing it for themselves. He was granted this request and prepared to go into exile when 144,000 lightbearers from Venus volunteered to come and support him in the mission.

A special envoy went ahead to build the retreat of Shamballa on an island in the Gobi Sea. Today we know this area as the Gobi Desert. Sanat Kumara placed a focus of the inner flame (threefold flame) on the altar where it remained in the physical for many centuries. Although Sanat Kumara resided in this retreat he did not embody in the physical and remained in his higher body of light. In subsequent lifetimes he did embody. What this master did was truly beautiful and demonstrates the love of an Ascended Master of Light for all of us. He anchored a filigree ray of light from his heart to each heart on the planet and continuously nourished it plus assisted everyone to be quickened by the consciousness of the Christ. After a period of time people began to respond and finally some of them started raising their consciousness and developing their inner flame. This allowed Sanat Kumara to return home to Venus.

Many of the 144,000 lightbearers who were part of the original mandala are still here today. Some have returned home and others got sidetracked or entangled in karma. Today, we have the opportunity to once again pick up where we left off on the path of initiation with the masters. To assist us they have provided the teachings and the tools we need to successfully make the journey home. If you feel a tug on your memory, you might just be one of them!