Your Spiritual Self

If you were to look at your spiritual anatomy, one of the things you would see is that you are a being of light and energy vibrating at different frequencies. You have a lower self that is you on the spiritual path evolving, a middle figure that represents your Higher Self, and an upper figure that is your God Self (I AM Presence).

Courtesy of
The Summit Lighthouse

Surrounding your God Self are different colored spheres of light, called the Causal Body. These spheres of energy reflect the divine qualities of the seven rays. They are a record of every good you have ever done in this and previous lifetimes. Every time you use the light in your chakras correctly you receive an increment of light in the corresponding sphere of your Causal Body. Everyone's Causal Body is unique and shows how much divine consciousness, attainment and spiritual energy he or she has acquired over each lifetime.

Your Higher Self is the part of you that is creative, noble and virtuous, which prompts you to be kind, loving and wise. It is your primary teacher. We all have moments when we feel close and connected to our Higher Self but then there are those times when we feel out of alignment. Making and sustaining the connection takes work. The masters provide us with the path of initiation that accelerates consciousness so that we can achieve the inner alignment and attunement needed to sustain this connection and eventually reunite with the Higher Self. Each of us has to integrate the lower self with the Higher Self to fully access the gifts, virtues and light that are waiting for us in the Causal Body. The remarkable thing about this is that no two Causal Bodies are alike! Your Causal Body is a record of all the good, honorable and honest acts you have ever done in this and previous lifetimes and is unique to you!

Next we will take a quick look at the role of karma and discernment.