The Violet Flame (1)

The violet flame is a considerate flame. It is a loving flame. It is a grateful flame. It is a flame that has its own momentum of self-luminous, intelligent substance, containing and embracing the very knowledge of alchemy itself. It may be difficult to understand how a flame can have consciousness, but remember, a flame is the manifestation of God. A flame is the manifestation of all who have ever served it, even as a mantra embodies the momentum of all who have ever given it. - Saint Germain, 1988

Those who work in the healing arts understand color has unique healing properties. The violet flame is a very powerful spiritual energy that can help you in many ways. Like a multi-faceted jewel it has many hues ranging from amethyst to indigo and contains the qualities of mercy, forgiveness, joy, freedom, justice and transmutation. Mercy and forgiveness have a beautiful orchid-pink hue whereas the color purple is more for cleansing. Using the violet flame every day is the key to its effectiveness. You will actually feel less burdened and have more energy. Those of us who have used this flame for many years can witness to its power.

The violet ray is one of the seven rays and the ray that is descending for the Age of Aquarius. This sacred flame transmutes records of karma and negative patterns restricting the flow of light-energy through the chakras. It can melt "hardness of heart," balance old karma and free us from the baggage we’ve carried around not only in this lifetime but also from past lifetimes. It can transmute negative thoughts and painful memories as well as heal old hurts and wounds. Saint Germain has given us the gift of the violet flame to help the planet and all of us step into the Age of Aquarius. We can invoke the violet flame through prayer, decree and mantra. One very simple mantra to use for the Aquarian Age that you can recite as many times as you like throughout the day is the following:

I AM a being a violet fire!
I AM the purity God desires!

We can also use the centering technique to increase the effectiveness of this mantra (decree):

  1. Put your thumb, index, and middle fingers of your left hand together and place them in the middle of your chest next to your heart.
  2. Close your eyes and focus on this area
  3. Take several deep calming breaths.
  4. Visualize the violet flame saturating and surrounding your heart and your entire being. Repeat the following mantra (decree) as many times as you like:

I AM a being of violet fire!
I AM the purity God desires!

The violet flame can be used to help Mother Earth and the nature spirits (elementals), too. Use it to purify the air, water, and land and to consume the effects of pollution or environmental accidents (smog, oil spills, sewage leaks). Using the same steps as above, visualize the flame going out from your heart saturating the area and consuming and transmuting the problem. Repeat the following:

The earth is a planet of violet fire!
The earth is the purity God desires!